Business Consulting, Mentoring, Interim Management
Interim Management
  • Short Term Management Replacement
  • Initiate & Define New Management Position
  • Develop Managers & Teams
  • Manage In House Task Force
  • Downsizing or Upsizing
  • Rapid Expansion
  • Project Management / Client Management
  • Recruiting, Selecting, Hiring & Developing Managers
  • Request a quote
Short Term Management Assignments
Suddenly losing a key management person is a traumatic experience. Hiring a replacement in a hurry can be even more traumatic. What if you could hire an experienced replacement (full or part time) who could do the job immediately--and help you select a new full time manager?

You can do just that. I am a very quick study and hit the ground with my feet moving. I adapt very well to new situations and have a strong ability to get along and work productively with a diverse mix of people. I require minimal direction and am self activating and very accountable.

As we get control of the present job situation we can work toward improvements and begin recruiting, selecting and training a full time replacement employee.

Does this sound like the best of both worlds? In many ways it is. Interim management meets immediate needs, avoids hasty decisions, has no long term commitment, contains costs, and most importantly leads to the selection of a quality long term manager / employee.